Music & Graphics

The beginning

Once I started getting my hands on beat making, which was the simplistic beat overlaid on a track, I then began to get more involved in the music creation process. I have since worked with a few artists and sculpted my beats accordingly.

I then, decided to place my creations not only on Social Media, but also here, on my own website using this as my portfolio. You will find exclusive tracks as well as designs on this site while on the social media, I will post tracks I feel need to reach the public.

This production unit is in fact, just a unit. One person creating and helping any or all artists. Those that need a beat or those that need graphics. In fact I don't just stop there, I also create web pages, such as this one as well as edit videos.
Selling my beats?
I'm in this for the love of creativity, so selling is the very last thing on my mind. I will however give away a selected amount of beats and or graphics.